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Dr. Sid Chapman is sworn in for second term as GAE president

JULY 6, 2016

ATLANTA – Dr. Sid Chapman, a veteran educator of Georgia’s public schools, and current president of the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE), has won reelection as president of the organization. The vote took place during GAE’s spring delegate assembly in April. Chapman, whose current term ended July 5, was sworn into his new term today, July 6, at the National Education Association’s (NEA) Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C.

“I am extremely humbled and grateful that our members throughout Georgia have placed their confidence in me to help lead this great organization again over the next two years,” Chapman said. “And these next two years will be very challenging ones for public education in Georgia and the children it serves.”

Chapman points specifically to both the November vote on what GAE calls the “opportunity to take over our local schools amendment,” and the coming Education Reform Commission’s recommendations to be introduced during the 2017 Georgia General Assembly.

GAE is steadfast in its opposition to the “takeover schools” amendment which Chapman stresses will do absolutely nothing to address the underlying causes of the problems being faced by the children in the identified low-performing schools. “Realities in these affected communities such as absenteeism, poverty, hunger and nutrition, housing, hygiene and parental and guardianship issues, have all posed major impediments to these children’s learning environments and have significantly contributed to these children, and therefore their schools, ‘under-performing,’” he said. “And no ‘takeover czar’ in an office in downtown Atlanta is going to have a bearing on impacting those challenges.”

“Instead,” Chapman explains, “what is needed is a communities-driven approach that strives to address the aforementioned challenges faced by these communities and consequently their children and public schools. Their ultimate success will come from providing complete, essential resources and support that can be used locally to empower them toward progressive and systemic change. On November 8th, we want the citizens of Georgia to fully understand what this is about and to read between the lines of the feel-good, deceptive ballot language.”

In addition to Chapman, GAE members also reelected Charlotte Booker, a third grade teacher from Rockdale County as vice president, and Lisa Morgan, an elementary school teacher from DeKalb County, as the organization’s secretary-treasurer. They too, were sworn in for their second terms during the NEA Assembly.
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