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GAE State Bee District Qualifier Forms: Print and Digital

To participate in a District Spelling Bee, system winner(s) must complete this Qualifier Form. With either method, this form is to be received by your District Spelling Bee Consultant not later than Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

NOTE: The system's Bee coordinator is responsible for completing this vital requirement by the deadline!

DIGITAL: Our preferred method is for you to use the digital form corresponding to your District listed below. Please open the form, fill it out completely, attach your speller's color photograph, and submit. Your specific form will automatically be sent to your specific District Spelling Bee Consultant. Submit one for each of your eligible qualifiers.

PRINTED: If you choose to use the printed form, PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT LEGIBLY IN BLUE OR BLACK INK AND COMPLETE ALL PARTS (especially telephone numbers and email addresses). Be sure to provide all required signatures and include an original color photo. NO PHOTOCOPIES! Click here to download the form. Complete one for each of your eligible qualifiers.