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Thanks to all who participated in Read Across America activities for 2022.  Please remember to send us any pictures or screenshots at

And while it's never too early to start planning for your 2023 Read Across America activities, just remember the very important changes going forward.

As NEA’s Read Across America program has evolved since then, NEA has taken steps to appeal to a more diverse student population and all grade levels. Our student population continues to grow and is more diverse. By the time that the 2020 census is conducted, more than half of the nation’s children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group.

Our emphasis is now on books that students can see themselves reflected in, as well as books that allow readers to see a world or character that might be different than them.

NEA has expanded its work to “Celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers” by providing members with a print and digital Read Across America resource calendar and poster, featuring 36 books to help guide them in planning Read Across America year-round events and activities. You can find out more at

To fully realize our goal of a nation of diverse readers, NEA has re-branded Read Across America to appeal to a wider audience (all grade levels, ages, and background) and, as a result, a new logo and branded materials have been implemented. The program has been re-branded with new materials available throughout the 2019-2020 school year, providing a more accurate brand identity for Read Across America, one that is independent of one particular book, publisher, or character.

Please click on the Rebranding article and Local Leader/Member Memo on the right to see the Do's and Don't s going forward.  Click on the new logo to access new logo files.

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Create an event in conjunction with your local public libraries, school media specialists, press, Barnes and Noble (if applicable), Reading Councils, Kiwanis clubs, school system public relations persons, local authors, and community organizations e.g. fire, police, children's hospitals. Invite local business, community, civic, and social leaders to participate in an event. Encourage school leaders to do something outlandish as a reward for their students meeting a reading challenge.(See Pledge to Participate below.)

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You're all set!!

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