GAE Safe School Bus Act


  • Establish Student Disciplinary Standards and Procedures
  • Establish Maximum Seating Capacity, e.g., 3 elementary students/seat; 2 middle/high school students/seat
  • Establish Student Code of Conduct for Riding Buses:
    No eating, drinking, or standing; No student use of electronic devices (radio,
    cell phones, CD players) that would interfere with bus driver's communication devices; No student use of mirrors, laser or flash lights, or other bright objects that reflect light and may distract bus or other drivers.
  • Bus Drivers shall be provided critical student information, including student and parent names, addresses, medical needs, prior disciplinary records.
  • Require All Buses:
    Air Conditioning
    Automatic Mirror Defrosters
    FirEstablish Uniform Traffic Control System, Standards, & Scheduling for Arrival & Departure of Busesst Aid Kit, Protective Gloves
    Establish Uniform Traffic Control System, Standards, & Scheduling for Arrival & Departure of Buses
  • Establish Standards for Use and Custody of Bus Video Cameras and Tapes (Internal/External Cameras)
  • Provide Monitors for Buses at Schools With High Rate of Student Disciplinary Problems, for Buses with Railroad Crossings, 80% Maximum Daily Capacity, or Excess Mileage/Trip Duration
  • Parents Required to Sign & Affirm Reading and Discussion with Children of Bus Safety Rules and Code of Conduct

II. Salary & Benefits

  • Establish Statewide Bus Driver Salary Schedule
  • Increase Retirement Benefits
  • Provide Two Monthly Paychecks
  • Establish Uniform Statewide and Local Training Requirements for Bus Drivers & Monitors, including First Aid Training.
  • Payment for health physicals
  • Require System Funding and Pay for Attendance at All State and Local Safety Meetings and Training

III. Immunity

  • Establish Non-Retaliation for Bus Drivers from Disciplinary Action for Good Faith Reporting & Enforcement of State Laws and Local Policies