GAE-Retired Secretary:  Patrick Crabtree

Throughout my career, I was extremely active with in association work, having served on the GAE Board of Directors and the NEA Board of Directors and as Secretary, Vice-president, and President of the Atlanta Association of Educators. The Georgia Association of Educators was instrumental in helping me to rise to these positions, and I hold this organization and its members near and dear to my heart.

Currently, I am a member of Atlanta Association of Educators-Retired, NEA-Retired, the Mobile Retired Education Association, and the Alabama Retired Education Association although my voting and leadership roles reside Georgia although I do not.  Although I lived in Atlanta for fifteen years, after I retired in 2015 I moved to Mobile, Alabama, my hometown, where I currently reside.I also facilitate "Retired Educator's Concerns" on NEA 360 Platform, Ed Communities.

When not doing political work for the NEA family, I work with the Mobile Chapter of the NAACP on the education committee, serve as Education chair for NPU-S in Atlanta, volunteer to be a recruiter for Mobile, Atlanta, or anywhere I am needed, and attend and speak out for educators for Dr. William Barber's Poor People's Campaign.

When not doing association work, I am crocheting and knitting scarf and hat sets to raise PAC funds for NEA-Retired, GAE, and GAE-Retired. If I have any spare time, I head to Dauphin Island, Alabama to go fishing.