GAE-Retired Treasurer: Brenda Montgomery

GAE-Retired Treasurer Brenda Montgomery  has been an advocate of strong public schools and education since being accepted into the College of Education and obtaining her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Fort Valley State (College) University. While there, she became very active in the student chapter of GAE on campus and took those attributes with her into the professional teaching arena where she taught for twenty-eight years.

Because she was reared by a grandmother who stressed education, Brenda has always viewed education as a priority, and she has carried that principle with her while teaching in the following school systems in Georgia: F.T. Cory, Greensboro; Commerce Elementary, Commerce; Wilkinson County Primary, Irwinton; Claxton Elementary, Claxton; and Frank P. Long Elementary, Hinesville.

She is very passionate about all things (especially football) that are related to her alma mater—

Fort Valley State University.  She is also passionate about sewing, reading, baking, entertaining at home, traveling to NEA Conventions, and Read Across America.

When you see her at any GAE/NEA meeting, you can always ask her, “What are you doing?”

And with a smile, her reply will be “Taking care of the business of the Association.”