Letter to the Editor: Tenure

The following is a repsonse to a July 20, 2009 Atlanta Journal and Constitution op-ed entiltled ( End tenure, improve teaching):   July 23, 2009 Letter to the Editor Atlanta Journal and Constitution

To whom it may concern:

John Marshall’s (End Tenure, improve teaching) is on target when he says that the quality of the teacher in the classroom is a key factor in the success of our children and that respect for the teaching profession has suffered over the last 30 years. We work tirelessly to promote the teaching profession and the need for effective, quality teachers in our classrooms.  

Marshall’s article goes fundamentality wrong in citing tenure as the reason for failure. But first, one must do their homework to realize that Georgia’s k-12 teachers do not have tenure. They can be removed through fair dismissal, which seems to be conveniently, if not ignorantly, always misrepresented with the term tenure. And unlike it is characterized by those who would like to hire and fire at will, it is not a quagmire of roadblocks, but a straightforward process that, if followed, allows principals to effectively manage their personnel.  

Jeff Hubbard
President, Georgia Association of Educators