ESSA – Taking Action Via the Opportunity Checklist

ESSA (The Every Student Succeeds Act) has been the law of the land since 2015.  It’s implementation here in Georgia has the potential to be a game changer.  We as GAE members must continue to take the lead in ensuring the law positively impacts our schools and communities.

While we have always asked for a seat at the table, we now have the opportunity to be a leader in what transpires at the table in order to help drive success for our students.

To this end, an Opportunity Checklist has been developed to help you make every school in your district look like the best school in your district.  A key part of ESSA is assessing what’s available for your students.  Ten-minute meetings are a vehicle you can use to gather this information.

Please download and utilize the resources available here to help ensure we have great public schools for every student throughout Georgia.

Thank you.

Charlotte Booker
GAE President

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GA Plan Snapshot

Complete GA ESSA Plan

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Understanding Your Role In School Improvement