Campaigns and Elections

Elections 2020

On Tuesday, November 3,
GAE voices MUST be heard.

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Member Activism Spotlight

Treva Gear,
Candidate for State Senate District 8

Senate District 8 covers Brooks, Clinch, Cook, Echols, Lanier, Lowndes, and Thomas counties.

GAE member Treva Gear is an Army Veteran and lifelong resident of South Georgia where she currently serves as Lowndes County High School’s first Instructional Coach. In her role, Treva provides and facilitates professional learning, instructional support, and individual coaching to over 175 teachers and staff.

Knowing the challenges that educators face first-hand, Treva is running for State Senate District 8 to:

  • restore K-12 funding that was recently cut by $950 million
  • update Georgia's outdated educational funding formula (QBE)
  • compensate Georgia's teachers with competitive pay
  • provide more needs based scholarships to high school graduates
  • increase the number and effectiveness of counselors in our schools

In her bid to become a member of Georgia's General Assembly, Treva is paving the way for fellow members to protect and uphold public education across Georgia communities.

GAE is proud to recommend Treva Gear for State Senate District 8!

Talk to Treva this Wednesday (10/14) @ 6:30pm on GAE President's Facebook Live.

Education and Elections

Public Service Commission

Now that schools are heading into the digital age of remote learning, parents and educators alike will need reliable, accessible, and affordable 1) power to their devices, and 2) internet connection.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates power and telecommunications, ultimately determining power and internet rates. In fact, the PSC recently voted to allow Georgia Power to raise rates by adding Covid-19 costs to your energy bills.

A federal lawsuit was filed in July to challenge the at-large method of PSC election, claiming that it disproportionately harms black voters.

Despite a requirement that PSC candidates reside in the district that's up for election, all Georgia voters will see two Public Service Commission races on the November 3 ballot: District 3 and District 5.

Constitutional Amendment 2

The "Georgia Allow Residents to Seek Declaratory Relief from Certain Laws Amendment" provides for a "yes" vote waiving the state's sovereign immunity and allowing residents to seek declaratory relief from state or local laws that violate the Constitution of Georgia, the U.S. Constitution, or state law.

A "no" vote opposes waiving the state's sovereign immunity, thereby continuing to prohibit residents from seeking declaratory relief from state or local laws that violate the U.S. Constitution, the state constitution, or state law.

GAE urges members to VOTE YES! Educators need to be able to seek relief in court when our school district violates our constitutional rights. By voting yes, educators will be able to hold our local and state government accountable.