The GAE Endorsement Process

All Elections Matter

Another election year, another slate of officers running from county commissioner to governor. And you may be wondering, does it really matter? Does it make a difference whether I vote?

Why, why should I vote? Nothing ever changes. But have you ever stopped to think how intertwined your everyday life is with politics and decisions made by legislators. Think for a moment about all the decisions that affect you both personally and professionally, especially those that have direct bearing on your economic security and profession. Who are the decision-makers? Who actually decides on your:

 Salary
 Amount of federal $ for schools
 Local School Budgets
 Certification standards
 Class sizes
 Length of school year
 Retirement benefits
 Health insurance
 Duty-free lunch
 Student testing policies

In most cases elected officials make those decisions which can have a long lasting impact. That is why elections matter and it is so important that each of us exercise our civic responsibility and VOTE!

Many years ago, GAE saw the need to establish a political action arm of the Association and sought to identify and support those candidates who believed strongly in public education and would work to bring forth meaningful legislation. A political action committee would strengthen its political advocacy.

Each election cycle, the GAE Fund for Public Education Committee (GAE-FPE) seeks out those candidates who are friends and supporters of public education. Candidate selections are based on incumbent’s voting records, local association’s screening, and the candidate’s willingness to work with Association leadership. This information, along with the candidate’s completed questionnaire, is key in the committee’s decision on which candidates to recommend to member as the best candidates aligned with GAE’s priorities and positions. All candidate recommendations are based purely on the issues and not a candidate’s political party.

There has been a move underway for some time to dismantle public education by the siphoning off of taxpayer dollars to private schools, school turnaround measures negatively impacting our students and teachers, charter schools that have not significantly increased student learning. GAE wants the best education possible for all of our children and has always been willing to work with governors, legislators, stakeholders and others to make education reforms where needed.