The GAE Initiative to Fund Our Public Schools for a Full 180 Days

We know the secret to student achievement: TIME

That is the impetus behind GAE’s initiative to ensure that all of Georgia’s children have a fully funded 180 day school year. We know that children must have the TIME they need to learn, the resources and programs that will help them succeed, and the quality teachers and educational staff to guide them along the way.

But in Georgia, that much needed TIME has been consistently reduced from school calendars because our state legislature continues to cut the funding to our public schools. With nearly a billion dollars having been taken from our public schools since 2004, two-thirds of Georgia school districts have slashed instruction days from the student calendar. Some districts have decreased this critically-needed TIME by more than 30 days.

After 10 years of budget cuts, Georgia school districts have found themselves in the undesirable position of trying to educate more students with fewer teachers, in larger classes, and on fewer school days. Should this trend continue, t it will have long term adverse consequences on public education and our children . Research shows that effective student learning is directly connected to learning days in the classroom or in other words - TIME.

GAE has a plan to address this shortcoming, but for it to work, we’re going to need your help. We are asking the legislature to reinstate and fully-fund 180 instructional student days for those districts that are falling short. On this page you will find the resources and tools you can use to help us with this vital initiative and ensure our children in Georgia get the TIME they need to be successful and productive citizens inour new global order.