Calhoun County Victory!

“I am so thankful for being a member of GAE!,” said Robert McIntosh after being reinstated to a principal’s position with Calhoun County Schools. On April 9, 2018, the Board of Education failed to pass a motion and vote to approve the Superintendent’s motion to renew Mr. McIntosh’s contract. Mr. McIntosh was shocked to learn in the middle of the meeting that the Board was not approving the renewal of his contract particularly as he had been in the midst of objecting to what he believed was illegal and unethical activity regarding the falsification of grades and his subsequent refusal to sign diplomas.

The Superintendent later admitted to Mr. McIntosh that this refusal was the reason the Board refused to vote in favor of renewing his contract. In clear violation of Georgia law, the Calhoun County Board of Education failed to properly provide Mr. McIntosh written notice of nonrenewal by May 15 as required under OCGA 20-2-211 for the 2018-2019 school year. Realizing how this unlawful action towards him would cause permanent harm to his career and professional reputation, Mr. McIntosh requested that he be permitted to resign. His resignation was never adopted or approved by the Board. Consequently, Mr. McIntosh rescinded his resignation.

GAE’s UniServ Director notified the school system of their blatant violation of law in attempts to avoid costly legal fees and needless expenditure of local taxpayer money that should be spent on the students. When the school system refused to budge, that’s when GAE legal services demanded and obtained a contract for Mr. McIntosh. “GAE fought for my employment rights. This is a resounding win for me and my family! Thank you GAE!”