Court Agrees with GAE, PSC Exceeds Regulatory Authority

Significant win against government overreach into your classroom. The Honorable Rachel Krause, Fulton County Superior Court agreed with GAE that classroom management is not an ethics issue. As we reported in February, the PSC recommended a one-year suspension when a student “eloped” from Ashley Pankey’s classroom. We appealed on behalf of Ms. Pankey to challenge the frightening recommendation before an Administrative Law Judge. When, if ever, does classroom management become a moral or ethical issue that can be sanctioned by the PSC?  While the ALJ reduced the one-year suspension to sixty days, we were not satisfied. GAE appealed to the superior court and prevailed. Here’s what Judge Krause had to say:

The Code of Ethics does not regulate educator effectiveness or competency. “Professional behavior” defined by the Code of Ethics refers to the “dignity and integrity” of the profession. The record contains no evidence that Ms. Pankey’s conduct violated Standard 9.

We applaud Judge Krause’ common sense ruling (Pankey - Judge Krause Order). GAE’s legal services program does not have a predetermined cap on the amount of legal fees or costs expended in defense of (or to expand) your rights. This case, including appeals, would not be possible under legal programs offered by other organizations. Only GAE has the resources to fight the battles worth fighting. We appreciate your membership!