Professional Standards Commission Win!

Cindy Williams is glad she joined GAE. We are, too. GAE had previously won a State Board Appeal on Ms. Williams’ behalf when the State Board did not find “any” evidence to substantiate the decision of Grady County Schools to terminate her employment. Ms. Williams also received $50,000 settlement - click to read State Board decisionclick here to read article. Be that as it may, the same allegations were referred to the Professional Standards Commission. After reviewing the same facts and undeterred by the State Board’s decision to exonerate Ms. Williams, the PSC found probable cause to recommend a two-year suspension. Likewise, GAE was undeterred and went to work. After hearing all the evidence and testimony the Administrative Law Judge dismissed the PSC’s allegations. Click here to read the ALJ decision. Although we can’t guarantee specific outcomes, GAE legal services is the only professional organization that does not have a predetermined cap on legal expenses.