PSC Code of Ethics Enforcement: Is classroom management an ethics issue?

The Professional Standards Commission apparently believes so. Look no further than the 60-day recommended suspension of GAE member Ashley Pankey’s teaching certificate when a severely disabled student “eloped” out of her classroom. When, if ever, does classroom management become a moral or ethical issue that can be sanctioned by the PSC?  We believe the Commission has exceeded its authority to sanction this educator’s certificate for performance issues. That is why we have appealed this case to the Superior Court of Fulton County, read the Appellant Brief here. The GAE legal services program does not have a predetermined cap on the amount of legal fees or costs expended in defense of (or to expand) your rights. This case, including appeals, would not be possible under legal programs offered by other organizations that have caps on expenditures. Only GAE has the resources to fight the battles worth fighting.