10 – Minute Work-site Meeting

The Objectives of the 10 Minute Meeting are to:

  • Encourage two-way communications between the Association and its members.
  • Seek involvement in the Association's programs and decision-making.
  • Share and celebrate Association successes.

The 10- Minute Meeting Might Look Like this:

  • 0-3 minutes: Report what the Association is doing. Focus on only the most relevant information. Then briefly identify other important issues and let members know you are willing to discuss these after the meeting, if they so desire.
  • 3-9 minutes: Emphasize member involvement. Seek their input regarding the presented information, ask for volunteers to meet Association program needs, and/or identify other issues/problems of concern to them.
  • 9-10 minutes: Share something positive with your members.

Keys to Success:

1. Explain/review the purpose and objectives of the 10-minute meeting.

2. Explain that the meeting will never be more than 10 minutes long.

3. Let members know that you will be available after the meeting to continue a discussion or hear additional input; reinforce that you won't violate your 10-minute meeting contact.

4. Let members know that if they want to schedule another meeting to discuss issues and concerns in more depth, you are willing to do that.

5. If necessary, develop group norms around member participation during the meeting.

Additional Successful Meeting Tips

  •  Always have a reason to call for a meeting
  • Make the meetings interesting and productive . Invite each member
  • Make it easy for people to attend
  • Use one meeting to build for the next