Developing a Media List

In each local area there always will be at least one radio, television or daily/weekly publication that reaches that population. There are certain people at these media outlets that the local should have on a list for purposes of disseminating information (releases) for broadcast or print publicity.

It is easy to create one based on the fact that there are probably no more than five to seven media outlets that will serve each area. Because of frequent turnover at most media outlets, these media list will need to be updated approximately once every six months.

Developing a thorough, targeted media list is essential to successful placement of materials (releases, photos, etc.). A more favorable rate of success is obtained if these materials are addressed to the correct, specific individuals.

There are media guides available for a fee, however, they will generally cover much more territory than will ever be used by one local. Media guides can sometimes also be found in public or college libraries. However, it is recommended that each local simply contact the media that serves its area and ask for the addresses, fax numbers, and names of the people who will the following positions:

Education reporter/writer/blogger

· Education reporter/writer
· City editor
· Legislative/political reporter
· State reporter
· Features reporter
· Lifestyle reporter


· Day, night, and weekend assignment editors
· Education reporter
· Political/State/Legislative reporter
· Promotions/public affairs/public service director
· News anchors


· News director
· Public affairs/public service director
· Program director
· DJs

Every story has its audience; therefore, target outlets and people according to the information that is being disseminated.