Duties of a Local Association President

The Local Association President has the major responsibility for the success of the local Association. The President should be willing to give time and effort to the duties of the office, have an interest in the profession, and possess a cooperative spirit for working with school employees, administrators, the board of education and the public. The President should act as coordinator and leader for all the activities of the Association, but should not attempt to do all the work. Don't forget that other officers, Association representatives, and committee chairpersons are there to help.

The Local Association President should:

  • preside over meetings;
  • appoint committee members and delegate duties to them;
  • plan the local Association's objectives, programs, and meetings in cooperation with other officers and the local executive committee members and/ or Association reps;
  • encourage united membership of all school employees in the Association;
    recruit and develop new leaders among Association members;
  • exercise general supervision of the budget;
  • serve as chief spokesperson for the local Association to the public and the press, assisted by a competent communications/public relations committee;
  • encourage direct Association efforts to win cooperation and understanding between the school staff and the community;
  • understand and promote programs sponsored by NEA national, state, and local organizations;
  • serve as a clearinghouse for essential information, referring new NEA materials to appropriate committee;
  • chairpersons or the membership; and
  • coordinate long-range planning for Association programs, goals, and activities.