Duties of Local Association Treasurer

Responsibilities of the local Association Treasurer grow steadily as school employees realize the advantages of adequate finances, planned budget, incorporation, and appropriate Internal Revenue Service classification. Local Association Treasurers should be certain that their names are on file with state and national NEA so that important notices will reach them promptly.

The local Association Treasurer is expected to:

  • Receive all of the income of the local Association, bank all funds to the credit of the Association;
  • pay such funds on orders signed by himself, the President, and the Secretary, unless otherwise provided;
  • keep an itemized record of all receipts and expenditures;
  • maintain records and file reports needed to maintain appropriate status of incorporation and Internal Revenue Service classification;
  • make such reports as may be required by the Constitution and Bylaws or by order of the President;
  • prepare an annual report for the Association;
  • present for audit all necessary records to the proper person;
  • assist the other officers in preparing the budget for the coming year; and
  • work with Association reps to recruit and maintain membership
    a. Set up enrolling procedures.
    b. Be responsible for all money received/membership cards issued.
    c. Keep an accurate list of all paid members.
    d. Make remittance and reports of memberships.
    e. Verify accuracy of payroll deductions for dues.