Duties and Responsibilities of an AR

The Association Representative carries the responsibility for a number of duties. The tasks and activities involved are interdependent parts of a total service. They include:

  • To enroll members into the Association;
  • to keep members informed about Association activities, achievements, and developments; to know where and to whom to refer members for additional information and special assistance;
  • receive materials from Association, distribute them properly, or post them on a bulletin board or display area;
  • request time in a faculty meeting or call special meeting of the members in the building to review or call attention to information important to members;
  • attend all official meetings of the Association;
  • become informed on programs and services of the Association;
  • speak officially for members represented;
  • help establish policies of the Association;
  • report to members all business transacted at meetings and seek their advice on pending issues;
  • stimulate active participation in Association work by encouraging members to run for office, accept committee assignments, and attend Association meetings; and
  • other issues will arise for the AR depending on the school and the membership.