Important tips for success!

Do . . .

• Carry an enrollment form with you. Complete it as much as possible.

• Know something about your prospective member.

• Make appointments to talk about membership when there can be full discussion of issues.

• Ask questions designed to involve the listener in thinking about the situation.

• Listen carefully to learn about problems and interests.

• Stick with the key issue once you find it.

• Show your personal conviction for being a member.

• Be prepared to answer predictable questions.

• Work in pairs, but do not “gang up” on a nonmember.

• Try to learn something about the potential member’s interests prior to your meeting.

• Enlist help from members who have a good rapport with a specific potential recruit.

• Ask for suggestions for improving the Association and the profession and take notes.

• Make an appointment for another meeting before leaving your first discussion if you cannot get the membership signature. Don’t leave the enrollment form. Take it with you for your next meeting.

• Send your completed enrollment forms to your local membership chairperson as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you have them all.

• Help potential members find information they need.


Don’t . . .

• Be afraid to ask. (After all, you are serving every potential member’s best interests.)

• Knock the competition. Talk about what we do. No other group can even compare.

• Contradict. (You have a point there, but . . .)

• Give up after one try.

• Beg for membership.

• Deal in personalities.

• Get into arguments.

• Confront a group of nonjoiners. Talk to each one individually. Take a partner whenever possible.