Local Association Affiliation Standards

Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) : Local Association Affiliation Standards

To: All Local Association Presidents

From: GAE Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Re: NEA/GAE Minimum Compliance Standards

Dear Local Association President:

As you know, local associations agreed to have their current constitution and bylaws reviewed by GAE at least once every five years to determine compliance with NEA minimum standards of affiliation. You may also access the checklist and the sample constitution and bylaws on the GAE website.

Here are some steps to follow for reviewing your local current Association constitution and bylaws. If you believe that your constitution and bylaws are in compliance with GAE/NEA minimum affiliation standards, place a “Y” in the blank. If you believe that your constitution and bylaws are not in compliance, place an “N” in the blank. Your local Association should compare its constitution and bylaws with the sample constitution and bylaws prepared by GAE Legal Services. As you can see, the sample constitution indicates with italics the areas required under NEA/GAE minimum affiliation standards. In areas of non-compliance, it is recommended that your local Association utilize language in the sample constitution for adoption by amendment(s) as necessary or appropriate to maintain local affiliation. Additionally, the constitution and bylaws must be signed and dated by the current president of the local Association – this will help to ensure alignment of accurate and updated records maintained at GAE Legal Services. You are not required to adopt the "sample" constitution in its entirety. You should adopt the portions that best suit the needs of your local constitution and bylaws.

Please be aware that under GAE Bylaws, GAE is authorized to disaffiliate a local Association unless it meets minimum affiliation standards. Therefore, the local Association is required to sign and return the completed minimum affiliation standards checklist, together with a copy of your constitution and bylaws to the attention of Michael McGonigle, Legal Services Director, Georgia Association of Educators, 100 Crescent Centre Parkway, Suite 500, Tucker Georgia 30084.

Should you have any questions about minimum affiliation standards, or should you desire to organize a workshop with other locals in your area to review your governing documents, feel free to contact Michael McGonigle at 1-800-282-7142, extension 1126, 678-837-1126 or mike.mcgonigle@gae.org

Thank you for your cooperation!