Why do people join GAE?

Someone asked them to join. It’s true and just that simple. Few people join an organization without being asked to join. Chances are that if a knowledgeable, believable recruiter explains to potential members how their interests are best served by joining, they will.

Protection. Public school employees are very much aware of the many demands being placed on today’s school systems. They know that their job security, salaries, fringe benefits, and working conditions will be protected and improved only through an organization which fights to enhance their careers.

Professionalism. Many school employees know that their professional interests can be advanced by adding their strength and numbers to the Association’s long-standing commitment to the goals of American education. They join to continue that commitment.

A special benefit. Some people join to take advantage of one or more member benefits made available through the purchasing power of our broad membership base. These benefits can save members a great deal of money.