...Welcome Back to School
...New Member Orientation

Suggested activities:

Welcome Back to School:
Distribute Pay Day candy bars for staff on first payday.
Have a breakfast for all staff.
At membership meeting, distribute membership materials and update members on association issues and programs, including your plans for PR.
Distribute radio spots/public service announcements for airing.

New Member Orientation:
Hold meeting, dinner or reception for new members.
Distribute new member materials.
Assign a buddy to each member.
Present each member with a welcome gift.
Begin planning back-to-school activities for September.
Planning for upcoming events:
Begin planning association activities/materials for open house.
Plan activities for National School Bus Safety Week.
Prepare/create/collaborate [with local radio] any appropriate PSAs.
Prepare letters and other communications to parents, community members, etc.
Choose two Association member benefits to highlight to members.

*Remember to occasionally poll your members for any personal or professional awards or accomplishments that can be pitched to your local media. When contacting the media, be sure your membership in the Association is mentioned.