School Open House
National Library Card Sign-Up Month
Hispanic Heritage Month 

Suggested Activities: 

School Open House:

  • Distribute association materials/brochures on helpful tips and carry out other planned activities.
  • Distribute materials encouraging parents and association members to attend. 


  • Publish a local association directory. Include names and phone numbers of local association officers, building reps, UniServ directors, committee chairs and any other appropriate names.
  • Update your association phone tree.

Planning for upcoming events:

  • Begin planning activities for American Education Week.
  • Plan Halloween activities (order materials for kids, prepare a newspaper ad, flyer, PSA, or brochure on tips for Halloween Safety, etc). 

*Remember to occasionally poll your members for any personal or professional awards or accomplishments that can be pitched to your local media.  When contacting the media, be sure your membership in the Association is mentioned.