Roles of an Association Leader

Leaders are developed through action, not through training
Continue to learn, grow, and stay involved
You can't be afraid to take risks
Confront problems, don't ignore them
Be visionary. Think "outside the box"
Know when to "step in" and when to "step out"
Lead by example

Be the "vital link" - maintain two-way communi­cations between members and the Association
Distribute newsletters and other information
Establish an Association bulletin board and keep it current
Set up e-mail distribution list for members (and for non-members)
Speak at every staff meeting
Communicate all business transacted at Association meetings to your members

Maintain a resource file for your members
Report your members' concerns and issues to the Association.
Never tell a member, "I can't help you"
Promote the Association at every staff meeting
Help members understand the advocacy role of the Association
Seek members' advice and input on issues pending before the Association

Be the "eyes" and "ears" of your members and the Association
Be ready to represent a member with an administrator
Publicize Association victories to your members
Know the laws, policies, and procedures
Involve others in Association tasks
Attend Association meetings and training (local, state, national) and share what you learn.
Ensure that members receive fair treatment
Recognize the difference between a gripe and a grievance

Read and understand election rules and all local policies governing elections
Follow directions carefully
Maintain integrity in all aspects of elections
Be prompt and accurate
Ensure that all members have the opportunity to vote by secret ballot
Know and follow your Association's rules regarding campaigning

Practice dealing with difficult people
Don't judge; get both sides of the story
Offer suggestions to resolve the problem
Help each party understand the viewpoint of the other party
Look for "win/win" situations and find ways for both parties to "save face"

Be first to welcome new employees, then follow up by inviting them to join
Know how to enroll new members and have materials handy
Be able to answer the "hard questions" and refute myths about the Association
Know the "selling points" of the Association
Ask every non-member to join