Try these approaches

Try these approaches when recruiting a new member.

Avoid questions like “Do you want to join?”

Instead, introduce services and hand them a pen to sign the enrollment form. Fill out each form, except for the signature, before you make your visit.

Be optimistic about what the Association can and does accomplish.

Use the personal approach. “I understand you have a new addition to your family. Have you thought about GAE’s life insurance to ensure your family’s security?”

Be friendly and helpful. Regardless of what is said, keep your cool. Be confident and enthusiastic.

Handle criticism by putting it to work. “I’m glad that you’re as concerned as I am about that problem. Are you willing to share your ideas with the committee we’re forming to correct the problem? Maybe you could even work with them.”

Stress the fact that the reputation of the local Association grows along with its size and success. Each member contributes to that reputation.

Offer a membership form each time. And, always provide a pen.

Follow-up. When necessary, assign a different person, or team, to make the next contact(s).

Two are better than one. Consider working in pairs. A colleague who has personal credibility, or who is an avid member of the Association, often makes a big difference in your success.

Membership is in everyone’s best interest. It counts when the Association advocates for us on issues with the school board. It counts when GAE and NEA work successfully for change. And, it really counts when a member is in a jam and needs a strong advocate. Together we can make things better for every individual and for our profession.

Brochures are only tools. GAE’s membership material is only a tool to help you start important conversations with potential members. Don’t expect it to recruit new members. Instead, use it to point out specific benefits and programs which might appeal to them. Always follow a distribution schedule. No one wants another stack of paper to read. Remember membership materials don’t recruit people. People recruit people.