New GAE Leader Center Access

The Georgia Association of Educators is excited to announce that we are launching NEA360 for use here in Georgia.

While NEA360 is a tool that all members can use, it provides local leaders with more capabilities than our previous roster system via the GAE website.

Effective immediately, the roster section on the GAE website will no longer available as they now will be accessible through the NEA 360 platform. Please contact the membership department for removing members who are no longer members of your local to  Also, please note Association Reps must now request worksite rosters through their Local Association President.

If you are a leader that has gone through the NEA360 training, please click here now for access (using your current NEA360 sign in).

If you have not already attended an in-person training to receive a comprehensive review of the tools and functionality of NEA360, please click here to send an email to GAE membership.


In addition, we also have moved beneficial resource information for local presidents, association representatives, and other local officers to NEA360.  Once you sign in to, simply look for and click “Groups” on the top navigation of the page.  A search field will appear and in it type “GAE” or “Georgia.”  This will bring up all the groups for our state.  Scroll, look for and then click “GAE Leader Support Center.”  When you click the first time it will ask for you to join the group.  GAE will then check your leader status and provide you access to the group.  You will then see files of useful information to help you become a more effective and productive leader in your role.