November Ideas for…

Suggested Activities:

American Education Week/National ESP Day:

Publicize and invite media to your activities.
Develop and send out radio PSAs and/or press releases from NEA AEW packet.
Hold after school reception and present teachers and support staff with materials such as notepads, certificates or apples.
Read joint proclamations with your administration.

Children’s Book Week:

Dress up as Children's Book Characters: Put on plays, visit the auditorium or study hall during study periods, make a surprise appearance in the library.
Have a Poetry Festival: Each child can bring in and read a favorite poem, or create one of his/her own.
Hold a Story Writing Contest: Can be done at the classroom level, or sponsored by the principal or library.
Visit for more information.

Purchase newspaper ads and/or send best wishes to the community.
Co-sponsor or participate in a “Food for the Needy” drive.

Planning for upcoming events:

Begin working on a brochure or flyer to send to parents before the holidays on selecting gifts and toys that are educational and prepare a recommended book list.
*Remember to occasionally poll your members for any personal or professional awards or accomplishments that can be pitched to your local media. When contacting the media, be sure your membership in the Association is mentioned.