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Resources for Members Impacted by Hurricane Irma

With the coming of Hurricane Irma, our thoughts and prayers are with our members and the general populace.  We have put together a resource page of links that we hope can help you quickly get information and navigate resource options should you be adversely impacted by Irma.

Here’s the latest regarding school closures/school make up days regarding Irma.

  • All Charter School Systems have waivers from O.C.G.A. 20-2-168 and State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.02 School Day and School Year for Students and Employees regarding the number of days and hours of instruction required in a school year.
  • Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS) also have waived these provisions if they included O.C.G.A. 20-2-168 in Exhibit B of their performance contract. Therefore, for Charter Systems and SWSS (that included O.C.G.A. 20-2-168 and State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.02), the decision to make-up school days missed for any reason is at the discretion of the superintendent and local boards of education understanding that the student performance accountability terms for each contract remain in place. IF YOU ARE SWSS PLEASE CHECK THE LIST OF WAIVERS
  • Traditional school systems or a SWSS that did not include the O.C.G.A. 20-2-168 waiver have four (4) emergency days provided in state statute plus relief for each school day during a declared State of Emergency. If these school systems need to claim the relief from the days covered by the State of Emergency, they must seek a waiver from the State Board of Education.

For more details, click here

For Members Affected by FEMA-Declared Disasters

Additional Resources for Educators, Students and Families

The American School Counselor Association provides an extensive list of resources for helping kids deal with hurricanes and floods.

Colorin Colorado Colorin Colorado is a bilingual web site for educators and families has information on how to help children after a natural disaster and additional resources.

National Child Traumatic Stress Network “After the Hurricane: Helping Young Children Heal”

United Way provides basic needs such as food, shelter and medicine, as well as the long-term recovery services.

Additional Resources