GAE Survey on the Reopening of Georgia’s Public Schools

Dear GAE Members,

The Georgia Association of Educators, along with other plaintiffs, filed suit against Governor Brian Kemp, State Superintendent Richard Woods, the Georgia Department of Public Health, and other local entities for their failure to provide safe environments for you and your students during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our association saw the necessity to compel our school districts to adhere to the original advice put forth by the Centers for Disease Control early on in the pandemic.  That advice said simply to not allow in person instruction until a community’s COVID transmission rate was at a level where transmission of the virus within the school would be minimal.

Educators have already been paying the price when this is so unnecessary.  Is virtual our optimal choice?  Of course not. But challenging times dictate that we rise to those challenges until such time in person instruction is safe again.

You will find below a short survey we would like for you to complete when you have a minute.  The survey answers will help to give us a better snapshot of what you are experiencing across the state.  This will be key in determining our course of action as the pandemic moves forward.

As always, thank you for all you do for our students and for being a member of GAE!