Virtual Information Opportunities During the Covid19 Pandemic


National Education Association, Education Support Professionals Quality (ESPQ) Department, Center for Great Public Schools Webinar

 School Meal Policy in the COVID-19 Era

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

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This webinar will explore the policy and practice of feeding hungry children in the midst of an epidemic. What intelligent and pressing advocacy has the NEA Government Relations engaged in? How have food service workers met the challenges in spite of obstacles and risks? NEA lobbyist, Christin Driscoll, NEA New Mexico Director of Instruction and Professional Learning, Ignacio Sanchez, and Angelica Castañon, Senior Policy Analyst with NEA’s Education Policy and Practice, will lead this timely and lively discussion. 

Christin Driscoll, NEA Lobbyist
Angelica Castañon, Senior Policy Analyst, NEA’s Education Policy and Practice
Ignacio Sanchez, NEA New Mexico Director of Instruction and Professional Learning

INTENDED AUDIENCE: NEA affiliate leaders, staff, members and partners. All interested parties are welcome. You are encouraged to forward this invite to your partners, leaders and other team members.

 FACILITATOR(S): Tim Barchak, NEA Sr. Program/Policy Analyst, Jessica Brinkley, NEA Sr. Program/Policy Analyst