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Aspiring Educators for Paid Practicums

Aspiring educators should not have to work without compensation. Take action!
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Take Action

We need your help to win paid practicums for student teachers. How will you help?

Student teaching is a critical component of the aspiring educator curriculum because it provides them with an opportunity to gain classroom experience with the guidance of a seasoned educator.

However, this requirement is currently unpaid. This creates an unfair burden on aspiring educators and contributes to disparity in the teaching profession, since many would-be educators cannot afford to spend a semester working without compensation. 

We're advocating for paid student teaching because work should be compensated and because our teacher shortage crisis is too dire for us to continue to exclude aspiring educators who cannot afford to work for a semester without pay.

Currently, our advocacy has led to the creation of House Bill 148, which includes language to support $7,500 to go to each student teacher in the state of Georgia to support them while they are taking on Student Teaching, but only through your work and advocacy will lawmakers see the importance.