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Millions In School Rescue Funds Unspent as Deadlines Approach

Georgia received over $4 billion in school rescue funds from the American Rescue Plan. These funds can be used by school districts to improve infrastructure, purchase supplies, and fund programming to help students and staff recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Now, with the deadline to spend these funds quickly approaching this September, many school districts still have millions of dollars left unspent. It is important that school districts make use of this money to the fullest extent.


At the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) we believe in opportunity for all students and in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society.
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Supporting our Educators is the only way to ensure the strength of the schools our students deserve.
Quote by: Lisa Morgan, GAE President

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Aspiring Educators

Any college student that is pursuing a career in education is an Aspiring Educator that doesn't already fit into one of our other membership categories. Check out how we support our GAE Aspiring Educators
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Educational Support Professionals

Paraprofessionals, Secretarial & Administrative Services, Building & Grounds Maintenance, Transportation, Delivery & Mechanics, Food Services, Health & Student Services, Trades, Crafts, & Machine Operators, Technical Services, Security Services. ESP's include all "classified" school employees. Check out how we support our GAE Educational Support Professionals
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Certified Professionals

Certified professionals are our GAE members who are active teachers, administrators, and counselors in a Georgia K-12 Public School. Check out how we support our GAE Certified Professionals
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Retired Educators

Retired members are those who have retired from a job in a public school system but still want to advocate for the profession, schools, and themselves. Check out how we support our Retired Educators

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We've spent decades working for the schools Georgia students and educators deserve—but, there's still more to do.

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Let's Stand Up

Georgia Students DESERVE Honesty in Education

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In the Georgia 21-22 legislative session, the Divisive Concepts bill (HB 1084) was written into law, under the guise of the "Protect Students First Act". This law attempts to censor educators and stop them from teaching about race and racism in the United States, which the law labels as “divisive.” and we are standing up to this bill. Join us in the fight, by giving us feedback on how this law has affected you!
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Roughly 36,000 schools across the country need to replace or update their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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"Too many people don't think about the effects of heat until it gets here. Then it’s too late, because when when a heatwave comes, the impact is so debilitating.”
— Shannon McCann, Special Education Teacher
Learn How Educators are Putting the Freeze on Dangerously Hot Schools

The push to expand private school vouchers accelerated nationwide in 2023.

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The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) secured a tremendous victory in 2023 when the Georgia House of Representatives defeated a voucher bill that would have provided a $6,500 private school tuition subsidy.
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