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New report: School police officers need better training so girls of color feel safe

A report released ... examines the rise of school-based police officers, their latitude in deciding whether to send students to the principal’s office or juvenile court and the consequences to girls of color.  The  report, “Be Her Resource: A Toolkit about School Resource Officers and Girls of Color,” builds on a report earlier this year from Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality...  Read AJC Get Schooled

GAE troubled by Gov.’s effort to change portions of the state’s ESSA plan

“GAE has been fighting what we call ‘toxic testing’ for many years.  What Gov. Deal is asking could take us back to the days of over-use and over-emphasis of high-stakes standardized testing that had become ‘toxic' to our students. The open input period from which Georgia citizens, including thousands of teachers, commented and participated in feedback sessions and online surveys, clearly indicated they wanted to move on from that requirement."  Read more
Developing a Plan for Georgians, by Georgians | ESSA Practice Guides

September 15, 2017 / news

In first interview, Cherokee teacher explains why she asked students to conceal ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts

When River Ridge High School math teacher Lyn Orletsky instructed two boys in her pre-calculus class to turn their “Make America Great Again” T-shirts inside out to conceal the slogan, her motivation was not political, she said. Read AJC Get Schooled
September 14, 2017

Fear and Longing: Life for Students with Undocumented Parents

About one in 14 students, or 6.9 percent from kindergarten through twelfth grade, have at least one undocumented immigrant parent, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center report. Read More
September 13, 2017

More Back-To-School Resources To Keep You Feeling Calm and Confident

Get the expert advice you need to organize your classroom, manage your school day and more. Find Out More
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KNOW Magazine

Volume 15, Issue 2:
Meet Georgia's Teacher and Principal of the Year, Read about 33 Ways To Start The First Year Off Right, 2017 GAE Legislative Highlights, GAE Special Election, Scenes from the NEA RA, and more!

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