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GAE members stand on the steps of the Gold Dome.

Whom We Represent

If You Work Anywhere Within the Public Education System, We Will Represent You.
As a certified professional, education support professional, aspiring educator (student), or retired member, you are fighting the good fight for our profession and public education. Your membership and active participation will help us to strengthen that great equalizer of our democracy -- public education.
Whether currently in your classrooms, offices, lunchrooms and hallways, on our buses, or in graduate school, as a member of GAE you will be part of a community working to ensure we will always have representation from every walk of life participating in our country's great democratic experiment.

GAE Aspiring Educators

Any college student pursuing a career in education, that does not already fit into once of our other membership categories, is an Aspiring Educator.

Certified Professionals

Certified professionals are our GAE members who are active teachers, administrators, and counselors in a Georgia K-12 Public School.

Educational Support Professionals

Paraprofessionals, Secretarial & Administrative Services, Building & Grounds Maintenance, Transportation, Delivery & Mechanics, Food Services, Health & Student Services, Trades, Crafts, & Machine Operators, Technical Services, Security Services. ESP's include all "classified" school employees.

Retired and Pre-Retired Members

Retired members are those who have retired from a job in a public school system but still want to advocate for the profession, schools, and themselves.
Timothy Lyons smiles for a photo in front of an outdoor athletic field.
It's important for me to grow the union because we can't do it alone. There are people who want to be a part of change, and all it takes is for someone to ask: ‘Would you like to be a part of the union? This is what you can do and what we can accomplish together.’
Quote by: Timothy Lyons, Middle School Language Arts and Life Science Teacher
GAE members stand on the steps of the Gold Dome.

Together we're stronger. Together we're heard.

You belong in the movement! Join today to belong to the movement of educators and school staff fighting for the pay and working conditions we all deserve.

Use Your Educator Voice.

We are THE voice for educators in Georgia. See what membership can mean for you!

What’s on Your Mind?

We’re here to help. Our community comes to us seeking tools (guides, reports, trainings, and more) to help answer everyday questions. We’re here to support you in whatever you need.

We Are the Georgia Association of Educators

The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) is Georgia's premier professional association for public school employees. We are a member-led organization supporting students and educators in Georgia's public schools through grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and legal action.