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Contacting Your Legislators

You are the expert in your field. Your elected officials need to hear from you.
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How to Lobby

The success of GAE's lobbying efforts will depend upon GAE members' ability to communicate the needs of the education community to legislators. The job of the members of GAE is to convince the legislators that the need exists and then secure their cooperation and assistance in getting the necessary changes in law and the needed money for funding.

To do this, GAE members should:

  • Know the facts about the GAE priorities;
  • Be positive;
  • Relate your request to your local situation;
  • Use the bill number and title when applicable;
  • Study the bill and know GAE's position;
  • As a local leader, be sure to mention the number of people you represent when you contact your legislator;
  • Communicate with legislators before votes;
  • Don't threaten or beg. Remember, you represent the most important profession today, and your concern is for Georgia's youth;
  • Lobby for GAE priorities -- not personal interests;
  • Write your legislator a follow-up note thanking him or her for their time and vote (if the legislator voted for GAE's position);
  • Be courteous, correct, concise, and have constituency-based concerns.
Ty Cook smiles as he poses for a picture in his classroom. Behind him, you can see a dry erase board with word "Science" in block letter above it and blue Christmas lights.
Our working environments are students' learning environments, which makes it so important that teachers and support staff are less stressed and more prepared to pour into our students.
Quote by: Ty Cook, Middle School Science Teacher
Educators work on a chart at a workshop.

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