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Board Candidate Support

Thinking of running for office? As an educator and union member, you’ve shown your commitment to doing everything you can to improve outcomes for your students. Imagine your potential impact as an elected official, where you could leverage your passion, experience, and insights to improve public education on a larger scale.
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Elections Matter

When educators have a seat at the table, school districts get adequate funding, students receive the attention they need, buildings are maintained, and educators get the respect they deserve, which leads talented people to choose and stay in the profession.

It’s time educators had a more expansive role in shaping the policies and legislation that impact our students and public schools.

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We Are the Georgia Association of Educators

The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) is Georgia's premier professional association for public school employees. We are a member-led organization supporting students and educators in Georgia's public schools through grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and legal action.