Professional Teaching and Learning

Every day you choose to work on the front lines on the behalf our children and public education. And you, more than anyone, realize the importance of receiving support and guidance when you need it. Your professional association, GAE, stands ready to help you when and where you need it. Your GAE membership means having access to relevant and timely professional development seminars, cutting-edge workshops, and worthwhile scholarships—all designed to help you achieve your professional goals.

Would you like to arrange a special training session in your local association? Simple. Just contact your local UniServ Director (UD). Your UD will go over what's available and help you set up a training session. Need to attend GACE workshops? GAE has a calendar of sponsored workshops to help prepare for GACE testing.

Would you like to take advantage of GAE’s professional development offers but you are not a member? No Problem - become a GAE member today.

Take advantage of our informative Rights At Night and GAE Facebook LIVE sessions.
GAE Professional Development

GAE knows that it is important that future teachers meet the requirements to obtain certification to teach, which includes earning a passing score on the Georgia Assessment for Certification of Educators (GACE).  For the last 20 years, GAE has offered workshops to help members prepare for the all-important GACE tests and is in planning to continue to offer those options.

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GAE PTL Workshops


The various workshops available to members and local associations that help advance personal and professional development.  Click to sign in and register.

Scholarships and Grants

A list of the various scholarships and grants available through the GAE Foundation. < Read More...

Web Resources


There are literally thousands of sites offering lesson plans, teaching tips, downloadable software, newsletters, databases, and a multiplicity of other teaching and learning materials. Hundreds more come online each day. < Read More...