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What We Can Do For You

Joining the GAE Family has its (legal) benefits!

Employment Liability

GAE's Legal Services team spends hours each week researching pending legislation during the Georgia General Assembly, conducts member rights workshops throughout the state and advises local associations on the drafting on proposed school board policies.

When you need them, the men and women in GAE Legal Services are there to assist with employment-related disputes at no additional cost to you. As a GAE member and educator, you also receive the following liability coverages:

  • up to $1 million per occurrence for civil suits (other than civil rights issues or claims);
  • $300,000 per occurrence for the defense of civil rights claims;
  • 35,000 in reimbursements for defense of criminal charges (in which the member is exonerated);
  • full reimbursement for the cost of defending corporal punishment, regardless of the outcome;
  • $1,000 for a bail bond; and
  • Up to $500 for assault-related personal property damage

Subject to $3,000,000 per occurence aggregate for all claims and $3,000,000 or $9,000,000 defense cost limits according to policy.  You must be exonerated, except in cases of corporal punishment.

All coverages are subject to the terms and conditions of the EEL Program Insurance policy, which may vary from state to state.

Employment Defense

Teachers with rights to continuing employment who are demoted, suspended or non renewed, and all other teachers terminated or suspended during the school year are provided GAE attorney representation at a Fair Dismissal hearing at no extra cost to the member. GAE also provides attorney representation for educators who are facing certification proceedings. GAE may also fund meritorious cases involving employment discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, disability and age, and violation of constitutional rights of free speech under the First Amendment. The GAE Executive Committee determines funding for all state and federal court cases. GAE does not have a predetermined cap on the amount it expends per legal case.

Non- Employment/Attorney Referral Program

Members are entitled to two free 30 minute consultations each year with a participating attorney to discuss legal problems not related to their employment, for example, wills, real estate, domestic relations, traffic violations, etc. If the member decides to use the services of the participating referral attorney beyond the initial 30 minutes, the attorney’s regular fee will be discounted 30 percent. The Attorney Referral list may be found here.


This webpage is intended for read-only general information purposes, and is not an Insurance Policy. The policy text and information displayed are proprietary and is for member and association use only. Members may print out the documents for personal use and reference. For any other use, this material should not be distributed, duplicated, or reproduced in any manner without the explicit consent from NEA Collective Bargaining & Member Advocacy. If you have any questions, please contact GAE Legal Services Director, Michael McGonigle (678-837-1126; 800-282-7142; or [email protected]). Note: Email communications sent to GAE Legal Services does not create an attorney-client relationship.


We Are the Georgia Association of Educators

The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) is Georgia's premier professional association for public school employees. We are a member-led organization supporting students and educators in Georgia's public schools through grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and legal action.