Membership and Administrative Services

If you are not currently a member, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us in our never-ending quest to help ensure public education, the children it serves, and the people who dedicate their lives to it, have the best possible working and learning conditions in order to excel. If you are a member, thank you for joining. And if you are a leader in our association, a special thank you for sharing a little of your valuable time to help us advance the cause of public education.

As our motto clearly states - We exist to support, protect, and strengthen those who nurture Georgia's children.

Becoming a Member

In this new politically-charged atmosphere that has consumed public education, it is more important than ever to belong to an organization that provides you with the information, support, and means to make a difference for our children, our schools, and the future of public education.

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GAE Member Center

Your GAE Member Center provides you relevant information and resources to help keep you informed and involved in the processes of the organization.
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GAE Leader Center

As a GAE leader, you are a valuable resource that makes everything tick and move forward for our organization. The Leader Center is a resource to help you do this more efficiently. From updating rosters to getting ideas for local PR, the Leader Center is here to make the most of your valuable time.
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Community Relations Tips for Local Associations

Garnering positive local public relations is key to creating a good community-association relationship.  It will surprise you that just by implementing one or two of these simple ideas each month, you can begin to build positive public relations for your local association. Let’s not only be recognized for taking on the hard issues but also doing those “little” things that, in the long run, mean so much to our communities.

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