Membership Forms and Process

Thank you and WELCOME!  You have made the decision to join and add your voice to the most effective advocate for public education in Georgia.

NOTE: If you are joining as a Student Member, please see Options to Join Student GAE.

NOTE: If you are transferring from one school district to another, please click here to download, fill out and send a Transfer Form.

Now, to join electronically, please click on the graphic below to be taken to our online enrollment form.

To use our convenient fill in form:

STEP 1: Please contact a representative from your local association in your school in order to find out the cost of your local dues.

If you elect to pay by the payroll deduction option or your local only uses this method, PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO GAE. Instead, either give your completed application to your local (school system) affiliate president [whose contact information also is found on the GAE local contact page link above], or the payroll officer for your school system.

STEP 2: If paying by check, money order or credit card, add your local dues to the state and national dues (based on your membership category on the application) to come up with your total and make your check or money order payable to GAE.

Mail it with your completed 2019-20 application to:
GAE Membership Dept., 100 Crescent Centre Parkway, Ste, 500, Tucker, GA 30084.

If you choose the electronic bank draft payment method (money automatically deducted from your designated bank account) please include a voided, blank check from the account with your completed application and mail it to the GAE address above.

Thank you once again for joining GAE!

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