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History of GAE

The history and beginnings of Georgia's pre-eminent education organization.

At the 1964 Convention of the National Education Association, held in Seattle, Washington, the NEA Representative Assembly approved a resolution entitled "Desegregation in the Public Schools." Known as "Resolution 64-12," it also called for a unitary education association in all states by July 1, 1966. Georgia was one of 11 states with dual education associations; one for black educators, one for white educators.

A merger committee was appointed with co-chairmen and representatives from the 100-year-old Georgia Education Association (GEA) and the 90-year-old Georgia Teachers and Education Association (GTEA). The Committee met regularly and every effort was made to reach an agreement. Due to extenuating circumstances, the July 1, 1966 deadline for the merger was extended, and in early 1969, a plan was submitted to the NEA Executive Committee and approved.

On May 17, 1969, the merger of the two associations was approved. At special Representative Assemblies of the Georgia Education Association and the Georgia Teachers and Education Association, held separately, the proposed Constitution for the merged Association was approved by both Associations on November 22, 1969. The merger plan and Constitution called for the merged Association to be known as the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE).

On December 12, 1969, a three member committee named Dr. Carl V. Hodges executive secretary of GAE and Dr. Horace E. Tate associate executive secretary. A joint Representative Assembly meeting in Macon gave final ratification to the GAE Constitution.


We Are the Georgia Association of Educators

The Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) is Georgia's premier professional association for public school employees. We are a member-led organization supporting students and educators in Georgia's public schools through grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and legal action.