GAE Aspiring Educators

Preparing to Take Your Place on the Frontline
As a person preparing to enter the profession… we know it's not easy, nor should it be, this calling to the teaching profession. You will soon be entrusted with the greatest gift society has to offer --our children and our future. There will be great rewards. And yes, there will be questions and pitfalls along the path. That's why there's a GAE and a GAE Student Program.

The GAE Aspiring Educator Program was created by GAE to empower you-- without putting a strain on your wallet.

So, how do we empower you?

We lobby for you on the local, state, and national levels. And our resources -- from our magazine to this web site -- will keep you up to speed on salaries and certification requirements. And our test-preparation workshops might even help you score higher on your exam. Check out what we have to offer you and let us know if there's something you think your fellow student members would like to see.

Thank you for becoming a member!

For information on the GAE Aspiring Educator Program,
please contact Skylar Nunley

Opportunity Date Registration Contact/Link Summary
GAE Foundation Scholarship Deadline: February 1st, 2022 Awarded May, 2022 $1,000 Scholarships awarded to Aspiring Educators each year, as well as continuing education scholarships!
NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Webinar November 29th and December 1st, 6th, 7th, 20th Live Webinar with Q/A to go over any and all questions you may have about your student loans, and how to get them forgiven!
GACE Certification Virtual Workshop December 18th and every third Saturday of Every Month (non-holiday) from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM A virtual workshop for learning tips, tricks and strategies for passing the GACE Certification test that will give you access to virtual resources to prepare for your exam. We currently are offering all subjects for Elementary and Middle School, and plan on adding more certificatoins each month. You will also need your member login credentials for to access these resources
Day at the Capitol February 24th, 2022 Come down to the Capital to speak your truth as an educator to our lawmakers. You will attend a brief morning legislative brief and then meet with state legislators to discuss education and issues important to you, your profession, and your students.
Run For SGAE State Officer March 25-26th, 2022 Contact (470) 356-6661 To learn more Would you like to use your voice to advocate for your peers, your profession, and most importantly, your students? At our Spring Conference, we will have five positions for our State GAE Officers open! President, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Chair, and the At-Large member on the GAE Board of Directors! If you're interested in stepping up and into one of these positions let us know!